Clarus Connection Incentive Program


In June 2007, the FHWA released a Request for Applications for the Clarus Connection Incentive Program ( CIP). The CIP provides grants to State transportation agencies to participate in the Clarus regional demonstration. Funding is available to assist in offsetting the cost that enable the State Road Weather Information System (RWIS) Envitomental Sensor Station (ESS) networks to be connected to the Clarus System. Such actions include :

  • Travel-related cost (e.g., mileage, lodging) to reach ESS sites to collect metadata,
  • Cost associated with compiling climate metadata,
  • Cost for equipment used in the aquisition of site metadata,
  • Cost to modify ESS collection server software so that observation files conform to the Clarus interface standard

There are number of important benefits associated with participation in this program, including the oportunities for State transportations agencies to :

  1. Easily monitor the heath of ESS network and optimize network performance through the quality checking service
  2. Gain access to road weather observations from entire Clarus network, and
  3. Benefit from the new tools, techniques and improved forecast enabled through the Clarus system

Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. Decision regarding the acceptance of specific applications for funding will be made within 30 bussiness days of receipt.


CIP Participation Status

In the graphic,

  • Connected to Clarus - means that the DOT ESS are connected and live.
  • Partially Connected - means that metadata files are in the process of being constructed and / or parsers have been created for data file ingest.
  • Pending Conection - means that DOT officials have confirmed that their intent to participate but physical process has not yet begun.
  • Considering Connection - means that DOT personnel have correspondence with the Clarus system administrator or have shown significant interest in connecting.


Application Submissions

Applications for the Clarus CIP should be submitted ellecronically via email

Department of Transportation
Federal Highway Administration, Office of Transportation Operations
Mailstop E86-205
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
Washington, D.C. 20590



Additional Information

As an aid to prospective Clarus CIP perticipants, FHWA held two instructional webcasts-- June 25, 2007, and september 11, 2007. The webcast provide details about the CIP, provided guidance on the collection and organization of metadata, and described interface requirements for file transfers. The webcast are developed to engage the interest of both the ESS managers, as well as system administrators.

An email will be sent out to the Clarus ICC group announcing the date and time of any future webcasts.



CIP Documents

  • Sample CIP Application [.pdf]
  • Clarus CIP Webcast Presentation for September 11, 2007 [.ppt]
  • Clarus Webcast Presentation for June 25, 2007 [.ppt]
  • CIP Request For Applications [.pdf]
  • Clarus System Interface Guide for Contributors [.pdf]
  • Contributing to the Clarus System [.pdf]
  • Clarus Critical Owner Provided Metadata Fields [.pdf]




Paul Pisano
Team Leader, Road Weather Management
Federal Highway Administration

US Department of Transportation
Federal Highway Administration ,
Office of Transportation Operations
Mailstop E86-205
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
Washington D.C. 20590



Pat Kenedy
Transportation Specialist, Road Weather Management
Federal Highway Administration








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