Initiative Coordinating Committee (ICC)

What Is the ICC?

The Initiative Coordinating Committee (ICC) serves as an interdisciplinary source of expertise and guidance on the Clarus Initiative. The ICC is comprised of members of the meteorological and transportation communities, including those from the public, private, and academic sectors -- vital stakeholders who will help shape the design of the Clarus system.  Members of the ICC are consulted for expert advice related to Clarus, are asked to undertake project reviews, and are asked to conduct a variety of outreach activities.

This representative body will remain in place for the duration of the Clarus Initiative to guide its development. The ICC supports technical and programmatic considerations involving: system design; design review; design proof-of-concept; the Multi-State Regional Demonstration; and the Model Deployment. The ICC panel of subject matter experts in weather forecasting, transportation operations, networking, and data management across public and private business sectors are coordinated to ensure that stakeholder interests are addressed through each development phase.


Clarus ICC Meeting #5

The fifth Clarus ICC Meeting was held September 20-27, 2007, in Kansas City, MO. Presentations, general meeting minutes, and notes from break out sessions are available below.

Minutes, Presentations and resources

Session 1
The Clarus Initiative Background Briefing & Program Update [.ppt]
Welcome to the 5th Clarus Initiative Coordinating Committee Meeting [.ppt]
Clarus ICC Meeting #9 Meeting Logistics National Weather Service Training Center [.ppt]

Session 2
Clarus System Development [.ppt]
Clarus Quality Checking Algorithm Enhancements [.ppt]

Session 3
Metadata Refresher [.ppt]
North/West Passage Clarus Regional Demonstration [.ppt]
Clarus Phase 1 Overview Concept of Operations [.ppt]
Clarus Phase 2 featuring the Connection Incentive Program [.ppt]
Clarus Multi-state Regional Demonstration Phase 3 Overview [.ppt]
Data Dissemination and Web Site Disclaimers [.ppt]

Session 4
Clarus Regional Demo Aurora Team [.ppt]
National Weather Service, Des Moines, IA [.ppt]
RWIN Briefing [.ppt]
NOAA Surface Weather Program and MADIS Transition to Operations [.ppt]
Alaska – Canada Multi-State Regional Demonstration Concept of Operations [.ppt]

Session 5
Standarizing Text Observations with Numbers [.ppt]
Clarus Task Force Data Dissemination and Web Site Disclaimers [.ppt]
Clarus Quality Checking Summary Formats Is a Task Force Needed? [.ppt]

Session 6

Michigan DOT VII Data Use Analysis and Processing Project (VII DUAP) [.ppt]
Vehicle Infrastructure Integration Program Overview [.ppt]
The Feasibility of Using Vehicles as Probes [.ppt]
Vehicles as Mobile Meteorological Platforms Introductory VII Research [.ppt]
Vehicle Infrastructure Integration Application: Weather Data Translator [.ppt]

Session 7
Implementation and Evaluation of RWIS ESS Siting Guidelines [.ppt]
Road Weather Management Performance Metrics Development [.ppt]


Clarus ICC Meeting #4

The fourth Clarus ICC Meeting was held August 8-9, 2006, in Falls Church, VA.  Presentations, general meeting minutes, and notes from break out sessions are available below.

Minutes, Presentations and Resources

Read-ahead document (includes Agenda) [.pdf]
Quality Checking Task Force Agenda
Quality Checking Task Force Meeting Summary
Quality Checking Task Force:  Algorithms documents (compressed file)
Quality Checking Task Force:  Gap documents (compressed file)
Quality Checking Task Force:  Perspectives document (compressed file)
ICC #4 Meeting Summary [.doc]

Welcome [.ppt]
NOAA's Surface Weather Program: Safe & Efficient Commerce & Transportation [.ppt]
Guiding Principles, Data Provision/End User Agreements [.ppt]
Research:  Visibility Estimation from Camera Imagery [.ppt]
Vehicles as Mobile Meteorological Platforms:  Introductory Research [.ppt]
Commonality of Metadata for Environmental Sensor Stations [.ppt]
Clarus Quality Checking [.ppt]
Quality Checking Task Force Meeting Review [.ppt]
Clarus Proof Of Concept Demo [.ppt]
Regional Demo [.ppt]
USDOT/FHWA Perspectives on VII [.ppt]
VII Weather Related Applications: Feasibility & Concept Development [.ppt]
May25_2006_OutflowCaseMod [.mov]

Break-Out Questions

Breakout #1: Guiding Principles, Data Provision/End User Agreements [.ppt]
Breakout #2: Proof of Concept; Quality Checking; Metadata [.ppt]
Breakout #3: Multi-State Regional Demonstration Approach [.ppt]
Breakout #4: Related VII Applications [.ppt]


Clarus ICC Meeting #3

The third Clarus ICC Meeting was held November 15-18, 2005, in Salt Lake City, UT.  Presentations, general meeting minutes, and notes from break out sessions are available below.

Minutes, Presentations and Resources

Agenda [.pdf]
General Meeting Minutes
Breakout Session Notes:  Program Requirements (Nov. 16) [.doc]
Breakout Session Notes: QCS Requirements (Nov. 16) [.doc]
Breakout Session Notes: CAUI & CAS Requirements (Nov. 16) [.doc]
Breakout Session Notes: QEDC, QEDS, EMC, & EMS Requirements (Nov. 17) [.doc]

U.S. DOT Welcome -- FHWA [.pdf]
Clarus Busniess Models Paper Overview -- PBS&J [.pdf]
NOAA's Surface Weather Program -- NOAA [.pdf]
Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) -- NCAR [.pdf]
Foundational Research for Mobile Sensing:  VII -- Mitretek [.pdf]
Video Weather System Research -- MIT [.pdf]
Clarus Weather System Design Overview -- MHI [.pdf]
Clarus ICC #3 Zoomerang Survey Results [.doc]

Break-Out Presentations

Clarus Weather System Design:  Architecture -- MHI [.pdf]
Clarus Program Requirements -- MHI [.pdf]
Clarus Program & Initative Requirements -- MHI [.pdf]


Clarus ICC Meeting #2

ICC Meeting #2: The second Clarus ICC Meeting was held March 2-3, 2005, in Las Vegas, NV, at the conclusion of ITE's Technical Conference.

Post-Meeting Summary Information

Meeting Synthesis [.pdf]
Comment Matrix [.pdf]
Attendee Survey Summary [.pdf]

Background and Read-Ahead Material

Invitation to ICC Meeting #2 [.pdf]
Draft Clarus ICC Meeting Agenda [.pdf]
Clarus Use Cases Movie/PowerPoint [.mov] [.ppt]
Clarus User Needs Movie/PowerPoint [.mov] [.ppt] Movie files (.mov) require the free Quicktime player.
Clarus Concept of Operations (February 2005) [.pdf]

Minutes, Presentations and Resources

Final Meeting Agenda [.pdf]
Overview, Updates, and Con Ops Summary [.pdf]
NOAA Surface Weather Program Update [.pdf]
Candian RWIN Program [.pdf]
Update on Standards [.pdf]
Update on VII Program [.pdf]
Review on Interpreting Use Cases and Operational Scenarios [.pdf]

Break-Out Scenario Presentations

Scenario: Roadway Maintenance & Construction [.pdf]
Scenario: Public Safety [.pdf]
Scenario: Commercial Vehicle Operations [.pdf]
Scenario: NOAA [.pdf]
Scenario: Time Critical Weather Operations [.pdf]
Scenario: Traffic Operations [.pdf]
Scenario: Railroad Operations Management [.pdf]
Scenario: Transit Management [.pdf]


Clarus ICC Meeting #1

The first Clarus ICC Meeting was held September 23-24, 2004, in Norman, Oklahoma. Special thanks to the University of Oklahoma for hosting this event. Background and read-ahead materials are listed below, along with the minutes and presentations from the meeting itself.

Background and Read-Ahead Material

Draft Kickoff Meeting Agenda [.pdf]
Flier Description of Clarus Initiative [.pdf]
Clarus Concept of Operations Primer [.pdf]
TRB (2004) Paper on Clarus Initiative Program Plan [.pdf]
Clarus ICC Management Proposal (Rev 1) [.pdf]

Minutes, Presentations and Resources

Meeting #1 Minutes [Word]
Welcome Presentation [.pdf]
Role of ICC Presentation [.pdf]
Clarus Roadmap [.pdf]
NOAA Surface Weather Program [.pdf]
COOP Modernization [.pdf]
Canada's Road Weather Information Network [.pdf]
Clarus ConOps Primer [.pdf]
Breakout Sessions [.pdf] - Group 1 Notes [.pdf] Group 2 Notes [.pdf]
Day One Summary [.pdf]



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