Regional Demonstration


The FHWA is conducting multi-state Regional Demonstrations intended to highlight progress in developing the Clarus system.  These demonstrations will encourage state agencies to contribute ESS data, show how Clarus facilitates better transportation system management, and enables the private sector to create improved road weather information business solutions.


Regional Demonstration Phases

Regional Demonstration: Phase 1

 Regional Demonstration: Team 1

Regional Demonstration: Team 2

Regional Demonstration: Team 3

  • Northwest Passage Demonstration Team
  • Northwest Passage Team States : South Dakota, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minessota, Wisconsin and Washington
  • Lead State: South Dakota
  • Team Lead: Dave Huft, South Dakota Department of Transportation
  • NEW! Northwest Passage Concept of Operations [.pdf]


Regional Demonstration: Phase 2

    • Streamlined funding via Federal Grants
    • Intended to provide assistance to all eligible U.S. public agencies, through State DOTs
    • To be used to help offset costs for connecting to the Clarus System
    • Includes web-based training on Clarus interfaces and metadata
  • Amount of funding is dependent on number of operational ESS


Regional Demonstration: Phase 3

  • Development & testing of Phase 1 Concept of Operations Solutions
    • Solutions developed under Phase 1 to be evaluated by FHWA
      • Remove duplication
      • Combine those that address similar capabilities
    • Selected solutions (if any) will be posted as one or more Request for Proposals for competitive award
  • Estimated Timeline
    • Phase 1 Concept of Operations delivered by February 1, 2008
    • Internal FHWA review February 1 through March 1, 2008
    • RFP Posting March/April 2008
    • Period of performance: 24 months




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