Clarus System Design RFP

Clarus System Design RFP Resources

Link to the RFP.

Links for advised reading materials:

"Where the Weather Meets the Road: A Research Agenda for Improving Road Weather Services", National Academy of Sciences, 2004

"Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) Data Integration Guidelines," Enterprise and Aurora Consortium, 2002.

"Introduction to Systems Engineering for Advanced Transportation" Course (NHI Course # 137024).

"An Overview of the Forecast Systems Laboratory (FSL) Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System (MADIS)."

"ITS Standards Impacting the Maintenance Community", FHWA and Mitretek
Systems, 2004.

Clarus Use Case Scenarios - November 2004

"Clarus: Identification and Discussion of User Needs (FINAL)" - a precursor to the Clarus Concept of Operations.

Clarus DRAFT ConOps - December 2004 (New)






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