Why Didn't They Remake Pokemon Emerald

Why Didn't They Remake Pokemon Emerald. He became mega rayquaza, still more fair and balanced than marshadow and melmetal. Red, blue, and green, which was remade as fire red and leaf green for the gameboy advance.

So my random Emerald Nuzlocke run didn't get very far… pokemon from www.reddit.com

Crystal was a part of the second generation: Black and white don't suffer from this because it ended up adding to the story so it's all good. Nintendo once trademarked the name delta emerald in japan, suggesting that a remake of pokémon emerald was on the cards at one point.

The Trademark, Which Nintendo Filed On May 2Nd (Less Than A Week Before The Reveal Of The Ruby And Sapphire Games) Is For A Pokémon Delta Emerald. The Name For The Game Follows The Same Pattern Set By Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire.

With black 2 and white 2, as well as ultra sun and ultra moon, they had an inherently different story to tell involving the two different headline pokemon, partly due to the more severe differences in the region itself between. Spectral thief goes through substitute. Gold, silver, and crystal had 3 stories and for the remakes crystal's stories was in both heart gold and soul silver and if they do the same then an emerald remake won't be needed or they just might not include an emerald story at all cause in yellow you start with pikachu and later on get all 3 kanto starters but never did that for gen 1.

It Has Already Been Confirmed That Team Aqua And Team Magma Are Version Exclusives In Oras Just Like In The Originals Rs.

Because they like releasing paired versions. You can argue saying that they claimed copyright on the name delta emerald, but that's not enough proof to say that there will be a remake. Red, blue, and green, which was remade as fire red and leaf green for the gameboy advance.

Pokemon Yellow Is Being Remade Into Lets Go Pikachu And Eevee, But My Point Still Stands That They Don't Regularly Do This.

These are the remakes of pokemon ruby and sapphire thus the names omega ruby and alpha sapphire. But this time featuring arceus. Double iron bash hits twice so breaks substitute and is 144 base power with a 30% flinch rate.

The Reason Why They Didn't Remake Crystal Is Because Third Games Dont Get Remakes.

There's no way to predict if there will or will not be a remake of pokemon emerald. Making emerald also seems like it would be guaranteeing or/as' failure. Do u think the hoenn pokemon games (ruby and sapphire and emerald) will be remade in the ds just like pokemon.

I Especially Think This Would Have Been Great In Gen 6 With Pokémon Z And Remake Of Emerald, Rather Than Two Remakes.

The reason why they didn't remake blue is because its just the same as green. Gematsu is reporting on a nintendo trademark that went public today. Second of all, yellow was a part of the first generation:

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